Time to Write it Down

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It’s time to write it down.

Not the myriad of mind maps I have already accumulated.

Not another, “I wish I had written it years ago.”

Not another duck and cover behind other responsibilities or goals or dreams.

I realize I have so many messages, so to speak, that I don’t really know where to begin.

I realize I face feelings of inadequacy because I don’t know everything about everything.

I realize I fear both success and failure, being mocked and being ignored.

But I will begin.

And I do know what I know.

And I have already succeeded because I have determined not to continue hiding.

No excuses. No retreat.

I have said, “Yes” to me. And I will keep my promise.

I have said, “Thank you” to God. And I will step into his goodness.

It is time to write it down.

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