Book Review: Sex God by Rob Bell

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Thoroughly enjoyed Sex God by Rob Bell. I recommend it highly.

I have long held that our culture does not understand sex very well. Myself included.

I have long been frustrated with the myopic perspectives asserted by various interest groups. Groups who conveniently discover justification for their own convictions, behaviors, and prejudices toward others in their various takes on sex.

Rob Bell, refreshingly, takes a big step back and approaches the subject from the much broader perspectives of what it means to be human and what it means to be humans in relationship with God.

Instead of backing into his arguments in order to arrive at a predetermined conclusion dictated by his religious tradition or his political sympathies, Bell poses a series of questions as he observes human longings, desires and behaviors.

His references to the Christian scriptures are not limited to texts that address the topic of human sexuality directly. (Which are remarkably few.) Rather in observing the intimate nature of relationship that God desires to share with humanity himself, Bell wonders aloud what such “oneness” might suggest for the “oneness” that is experienced in sex.

Bell succeeded in putting his expansive and systematic thinking out there without being either dogmatic or condescending. As a result he resources one’s mind and soul to do one’s own work of critical thinking, conviction formation, and/or lifestyle adjustments.

His respect for the free and responsible disciple in each of us is refreshing.

I give an enthusiastic recommendation for Sex God, whether you end up agreeing with Bell or not.

Let me know if you have read it or are planning to. I’d love to discuss it with you.

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