Book Review: To Change the World by James Davison Hunter

Some books are good. Some books are great. And then there are books which are earthquakes.

To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World was an earthquake for me.

I’m playing catch-up on writing this review, because I didn’t want to start a new blog without including it. As a result my comments will not be specific, but please don’t miss the weight of my recommendation!

This is a must-read book for Christ-followers who are concerned about the ineffectiveness and outright counter-productiveness of most Christian efforts to influence the world for “good.”

It contains more than a couple of surprises. For example, that cultural change historically has come through the rich and the powerful elites of society.

That’s a significant game changer for the most of us who don’t fall into that category.

Instead of trying to “win” the massive cultural wars that permeate American culture of late, our influence would be most “massively” (if you’re set on have a massive influence) felt at the local, particular, personal context of one’s own character, family, workplace and community.

There’s much much more to this book, Hunter’s research discoveries and his recommendations.

I would love to discuss it at length with anyone who has or is reading it. The world is ours to change.

Contact me, and let’s wrestle this through.

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