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Ever had a movie made especially for you?

I have. Now, that is.

Finding Joe is a documentary based on the research of the mythologist Joseph Campbell.

He’s known for such works as, The Hero with A Thousand Faces and The Power of Myth with Bill Moyer.

It’s about the adventure of life and the common human story that all times and cultures seem to share.

A well-edited and engaging montage of interviews, film clips and a children’s acting troupe illustrating the principles shared.

As the common story—”The Hero’s Journey”—unfolds, I found myself resonating deeply with almost everything they described. Hence my deep suspicion that this movie was made for me.

If you feel that everyone is uncritically following the same script in life except you, then you’ll benefit from this film.

If you have been jarred from your ordinary way of life, and all of a sudden none of the rules of life seem to work anymore, then get over to see this film while it’s still playing.

If fear of what others think is holding you back from doing something you are burning to do, then you will be encouraged.

If you sense a deeper purpose to your life but can’t put your finger on it, this film will give you some excellent food for thought.

You are alive. You are growing. You matter. And what’s most significant is that now you are the one who believes it most deeply.

Finding Joe is ultimately about Finding You.

Contact me after you’ve seen it. I’d love to discuss it with you further.

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Finding Joe

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  2. Raj

    Hi Karl,

    I’d be delighted to connect about “Finding Joe” — I’m a mythologist-cum-personal-develolment-coach working with the writer/director on curriculum whereby to harness the film’s inspirational potency.



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